After close to four fun filled years in the studio writing and recording, and the release of "Open Here", Tri State Alehouse's debut album, it was clearly time to take the show on the road. Jonathan and Schu once again somehow convinced Mr. Mark Ambrosino to remain involved in the live version of TSA, and the band quickly enlisted the help of Mr. Billy Blais (on Keys) and Mr. Joe Leonard (on Guitar) to round out the core 5 piece that is now Tri State Alehouse Live. TSA Live provides an upbeat, fun filled, energetic show filled with your favorite Rock, Southern Rock, Country, and Tri State Alehouse original tunes. From time to time these musicians will be joined on stage by the occasional fiddle player, background vocalist, or additional guitar player, all of whom are long time friends & family of the band and make for an exciting and spontaneous event (the more the merrier). So…..if you're a person that would rather be wearing flip flops, hanging at the beach or an outdoor BBQ, fishing or playing golf with friends, sampling your favorite micro-brews, and listening to your favorite music live, contact us to book a show or simply come on down to see Tri State Alehouse at your favorite live music venue from Manhattan to Montauk (and beyond).

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