TSA Studio Album

What Happens When Two Part-Time Song Writers/Musicians From Long Island (Jonathan Crist & Jeff Schumacher "Schu") Decide To Team Up With An Extremely Talented Musician/Engineer/Producer (Mark Ambrosino) and Drag Every Musician Friend They've Ever Had The Pleasure To Play With Over The Years Into Four Different Recording Studios To Record Twelve New Original Songs and One Awesome Cover Tune On A Brand New Album????
You Get Tri State Alehouse!!!!
And Their Debut Album "Open Here"!!!!!

Released in 2019, Open Here Is An Incredible Collection of Tails Involving Friendship, Family, Patriotism, Love, Loss, Encouragement, Optimism, Fun, and Fast Cars, All Skillfully Fuzzed Together To Create An Amazing Crossover Rock/Country/Southern Rock Stew For All To Enjoy.

If You Like Sun, Sand, Flipflops, Golf, Cold Beer, Road Trips, The Flag, Your Country, Rock & Roll, Southern Rock, Country Music, Live Music, And Good Times With Family, Friends and Music Loving Strangers, You'll LOVE Tri State Alehouse.

Special thanks to the many unbelievably talented musicians who helped make this album so special:

Tommy Byrnes

lead & rhythm guitars, acoustic guitar (Rock A Bye, Everything's Gonna Be Alright)

Eamonn O'Rourke

fiddle, mandolin, banjo (Everything's Gonna Be Alright, I See Harry, Rock A Bye, The Price)

Steve Skinner

piano, hurdy gurdy, keyboards, electric guitar (Wendy, Whitaker, Who Am I To Judge)

Steve Skinner

piano, hurdy gurdy, keyboards, electric guitar (Wendy, Whitaker, Who Am I To Judge)

Joe Leonard

lead, slide & rhythm guitars (Angie, Jump Right In, Freedom Rise Up, The Price, On The Other Side)

Gus Fafalios

lead & rhythm guitars (Loudest Party, Who Am I To Judge, Freedom Rise Up, Highway, Whitaker)

Ginger Calderaro

vocals (Loudest Party, On The Other Side, Who Am 1 To Judge, The Price, Angie)

Joe Zammit

lead & rhythm guitars (Highway)

Eric Miranda

mandolin (On The Other Side)

Zonya Love

vocals (Freedom Rise Up)

LaDonna Burns

vocals (Freedom Rise Up)

Jenn Eichel

vocals (Rock A Bye, Everything's Gonna Be Alright, I See Harry, Highway, Freedom Rise Up)

Lisa Arce

vocals (Freedom Rise Up)

Pat Owens

bass (Everything's Gonna Be Alright)

Tony Egan

bagpipes (The Price)

James McGrath

vocals (Everything's Gonna Be Alright)

Kellenberg Memorial High School Gregorian Consortium

vocals (Who Am 1 To Judge)

Claudia Crist

vocals (Rock A Bye)

James Crist

vocals (Rock A Bye)

Michael Schumacher

vocals (Rock A Bye)

Neal Crist

vocals (Rock A Bye)

Jeff Allegue

lead guitar (Jump Right in)

Dave Morgan

piano (Freedom Rise Up)

Mike Martino

electric guitar (Jump Right In)

Mike Zegelbach

bass guitar (Loudest Party)

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